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Grass-Fed Lamb

Lean, Succulent Meat

Our lambs and their mothers are pastured here on our farm in the rolling hills of Kentucky. They also have access to hay grown right here on our farm. 

Our lambs have lean meat that is not only healthy for you, but flavorful, tender, and succulent.

Be sure to check out our recipes page to see how to cook this delicious meat! Because are lamb is so lean and tender, we recommend cooking to an internal temperature of 160. Our lamb is best when served medium-rare.

  • Grass Fed

  • Grass Finished

  • Pasture Raised

  • Antibiotic Free

  • Hormone Free

  • Beyond Organic

  • Naturally Weaned

  • Sustainably Farmed

  • Humanely Treated


Preserving a
Heritage Breed

Clun Forest Sheep are a heritage breed classified as "threatened" by the American Livestock Conservancy and is on the watchlist for the British Rare Breeds Survival Trust

"Many of America’s once-common farm animals face extinction if we do not take action now. Rare farm animals represent an irreplaceable piece of earth’s biodiversity and offer incredible variety that may be needed for future farms - robust health, mothering instincts, foraging, and the ability to thrive in a changing climate.  These farm animals are a vital part of ensuring food security for our planet – now and for the future." - The American Livestock Conservancy

Eat them to Save them. Eating heritage breed meat may seem counter intuitive, but it does help preserve rare breeds by providing farmers financial incentive to breed and raise rare heritage breeds and therefore preserve genetic diversity.


Clun Forest Sheep

Clun Forest Sheep originated in Shropshire along the border of Wales in Britain. They were developed strictly as a performance breed, not a show breed. These sheep needed to thrive on forage alone, be hardy, and be long-lived while continuing to produce well into their 2nd decade. The ewes are known for ease in lambing, a high rate of twinning and good milk production that leads to strong fast-growing lambs. 

With white wool, a black face and upright ears, Clun Forest are striking and alert looking.  They have a strong muscular build with a narrow head that makes for ease in birthing.

Breeding stock may be available. Please Inquire



Fleeces of Clun Forest Sheep are naturally free of black or kempy fibers making them highly desirable for handspinners and fiber artists.  Average staple length is 4 inches with consistent length from neck to britch. The average spinning count is 58. 


Wool will be available to hand spinners and as a part of The Livestock Conservancy's Shave 'Em to Save 'Em program. Please visit our shop page.

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