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Gourmet Meats

Our delicious gourmet meats come from pasture raised heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs and Clun Forest Sheep. We humanly raise our animals on our farm using sustainable, organic practices. 


Humanely Raised

All of our animals are treated with respect and care. They have clean sanitary environment, adequate space, shelter and shade, access to pasture, fresh clean water and appropriate food.


Clun Forest Sheep

Taste the difference our 100% grass fed lamb. It is lean, tender, and succulent. Our heritage breed Clun Forest Sheep are pasture-raised on the rolling hills of our farm.


Local and Sustainable

We follow sustainable agriculture practices such as pasture rotation and management, not over loading the land with too many animals, recycling waste into compost that builds our soil, rain catchment and water management, and never using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Getting local pork and lamb rather than having it shipped from across the continent is also apart of sustainable agriculture.  We have whole hog and half hog shares available to fill your freezer!


Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

Enjoy the richly marbled, flavorful, juicy pork of our pasture-raised heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs. Our hogs are non-GMO feed from Bagdad Roller Mills (a local feed mill.)

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