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We love beautiful birds and beautiful eggs! We have carefully selected our poultry to have options for the city apartment, backyard in a suburb, homestead or farm - from small quail to chickens and ducks to heritage turkeys and geese. 

Small but mighty quail are perfect for apartment balconies and suburb backyards. They come in a variety of handsome plumage, mature in 8 weeks, lay pretty gourmet eggs almost daily, and are tasty meat.

Not only are Silverudd's Blues attractive to look at, these medium sized birds are also hardy, excellent foragers, and prolific layers of large green eggs. These easy keepers have a place in every flock. What's not to love?

These true Ameraucana are bred in a new striking rare black and white feather pattern complete with muff and beard. They are reliable layers of large blue eggs.

Heritage turkeys are known for slow growing, but flavorful meat. Our rare recessive lilacs will look beautiful in your barnyard and pluck clean for the table. Males range from 30-35 lbs. and females from 15 to 20 lbs. 

Every backyard flock needs these French dual purpose chickens. Handsome Wheaten Marans are known for their gorgeous large dark chocolate brown eggs and fine meat as well as their foraging and free-ranging abilities.

You will fall in love with these soft and fluffy bantam chickens with a calm and docile nature. They are moderate layers of small cream eggs. Silkies frequently go broody and are excellent mothers.

Runner ducks are a light breed that stand upright like penguins and run, rather than waddle like other ducks. They are excellent layers of jumbo-sized blue-green eggs.  

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