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Silverudd's Blue

Not only are Silverudd's Blues attractive to look at, these medium sized birds are also active, hardy, excellent foragers, and prolific layers of large green eggs. These easy keepers have a place in every flock. What's not to love?


A Swedish Monk, Martin Silverudd, created "Swedish Green Egg Layer" chickens in the 1980s. Silverudd passed away suddenly before he had finished with the breed. After his passing the chickens were named Silverudd's Blue after Martin Silverudd and the beautiful blue feathers of the chicken. 

For more information, please visit the American Silverudd's Blue Association

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Gorgeous Green Eggs

Although a medium sized bird, Silverudd's Blues lay large eggs. They typically lay about 250 per year. Eggs should be any color of green from mint to olive and may be speckled. 


Although Silverudd passed away before finishing his "Swedish Green Egglayer" chickens, we still have some guidelines of what the chickens are supposed to look like. 

They should have a medium-sized, egg-layer body type, a single comb, dark eyes and slate colored feet and legs.  

Silverudd's Blues have black, blue or splash plumage. Roosters will also have silver or golden birchen.

Size: 4-5 lbs

Life Span: 7-8 Years

Disposition: Active, Friendly

Comb: Single

Comb, Wattle and Earlobe Color: Red

Legs & Feet: Clean, Blueish Slate Colored

Egg Production: 250 per year (4-5 per week)

Egg Size: Large

Egg Color: Green

Broody: No

Climate: Watch Comb in Cold Weather

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