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Wheaten Marans

Every backyard flock needs these French dual purpose chickens. Handsome Wheaten Marans are known for their gorgeous large dark chocolate brown eggs and fine meat as well as their foraging and free-ranging abilities.

Poule de Marans

Maran chickens originated in the port town of Marans in south-western France. They have always been a dual purpose chicken prized not only for their dark eggs, but a table bird as well. Marans should be friendly, hardy, and active. Hens will reach about 6.5 lbs. and roosters 8 lbs. 

For more information please visit Marans Chicken Club USA and The Marans Club.

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Beautiful Chickens

Marans come in a variety of colors. We think the most attractive are the Wheaten Marans. The hens are a soft shade of cream or light beige. Roosters show off with more flashy mahogany red shoulders and black or blue chest and tail.


We do breed for the American Poultry Associations Standard of Perfection. All Marans should have a single comb, lightly feathered legs and outer toe, be correct type as described in the breed standard.

Rich Dark Brown Eggs

Marans are famous for their dark chocolate brown eggs. Eggs can also have beautiful dark brown speckles. Wheaten Marans should lay about 200 large eggs a year. The egg color may be darker at the beginning of the laying season and lighten somewhat as the season progresses.  

Size: 6-8 lbs

Life Span: 7-8 Years

Disposition: Active, Friendly

Comb: Single

Comb, Wattle and Earlobe Color: Red

Legs & Feet: Lightly Feathered, Pink or White Skin

Egg Production: 250 per year (4-5 per week)

Egg Size: Large

Egg Color: Dark Brown, Maybe Speckled

Broody: No

Climate: Watch Comb in Cold Weather

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